The Truth Behind Common Ceramic Coating Myths

Ceramic Coating has gained a lot of popularity recently. You’ve probably heard a lot of different claims about what ceramic coating can and can’t do. Some of them seem too good to be true and some will make you question if ceramic coating is even worth it. Ceramic Coating is a great way to keep your car protected and shiny but does not make your car bulletproof! In this post, we will debunk some common ceramic coating myths and talk about facts. 


Debunking the Common Ceramic Coating Myths

There are a lot of ceramic coating myths out there. We will expose some of the most common ceramic coating myths that many people actually believe. So, stay with us to know the real facts behind those myths. 


Myth 1: You Won’t Have to Wash Your Car

This is the most common myth. A lot of people think that ceramic coatings mean you won’t have to wash your car again. Dirt and dust indeed slide off easier on a ceramic-coated car, but you still need to wash it regularly with good car wash soap.

Ceramic coating makes your car easy to clean but if you want to keep that shiny, showroom-fresh look, you need to give your car a proper wash regularly. Ceramic coatings protect your paint from fading, but they can’t do it all on their own. Without regular washes, your car will lose its shine! 


Myth 2: Ceramic Coating is Scratch Proof

A lot of people think that ceramic coatings make your car’s paint completely scratch-proof. That’s not true! Ceramic coatings are super tough and offer excellent protection against minor scratches and abrasions, but they can’t withstand everything. You can say ceramic coating is scratch-resistant but not scratch-proof.

So, what can you expect? A ceramic coating will protect your car from scratches caused by car washes, dust, and light contact. It’ll also make your car easier to clean and keep it shiny for a long time. But deeper scratches caused by sharp objects or intentional damage will still penetrate the coating and reach the paintwork beneath. 


Myth 3: Ceramic Coating Lasts Forever

A common misconception is that ceramic coatings last forever. That’s not the case at all. Ceramic coatings are highly durable and can last for years, but they’re not permanent. Ceramic coating is a protective layer that wears down over time. The coating will eventually need to be reapplied to maintain its effectiveness.

A ceramic coating can last anywhere from 1 to 10 years depending on the quality. It also depends on how often you wash your car, the environment you drive in, and how well you maintain the coating. You’ll notice a gradual decrease in the coating’s protection over time, and eventually, you’ll need to reapply it to keep your car’s paint looking its best. It’s like getting a fresh coat of armor for your car! 


Myth 4: Ceramic Coating Makes a Car Chemical Resistant

You might have heard Ceramic Coating can make a car chemical resistant. Many people believe this, but this is not accurate. The truth is ceramic coating offers some protection against certain chemicals, but they do not make your car totally chemical resistant.

Ceramic coatings will protect your car’s paint from bird droppings, tree sap, and mild cleaning solutions. They will also make it easier to remove stubborn stains and grime. But they won’t protect your car from harsh chemicals like strong acids, solvents, or gasoline. Those substances can damage the paint beneath the coating. So, it’s important to be careful about what you use on your car and avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals. 


Myth 5: Ceramic Coating is Resistant to Rock Chips

Many people think that ceramic coating makes your car completely rock chip. That’s not entirely accurate though. Ceramic coatings can help reduce the severity of rock chips, but they can’t completely resist them. Ceramic coating is tougher than the paint, so, it helps absorb some of the impact from small rocks and debris. But if a large rock or piece of gravel hits your car at high speed, it will cause a rock chip, even with a ceramic coating.

So, the truth is, that ceramic coatings can help minimize the damage from rock chips, but they’re not a guarantee that your car will be completely rock chip-free. To protect your car from rock chips, be careful on roads with a lot of loose gravel. You can use a paint protection film (PPF) on the front of your car, which is a clear, self-healing film that provides even more protection against rock chips and other damage. 


Myth 6: Ceramic Coating Makes a Car Fireproof

You might have heard people say that ceramic coatings make your car fireproof. That’s a wild claim. Ceramic coatings will protect your car paint from minor scratches, and abrasions. They won’t protect your car from fire!

Ceramic coatings are like a protective layer on your car’s paint. They will keep your car’s shiny look and protect the paint from minor damage, but they won’t stop a fire from spreading. If your car catches fire, the ceramic coating won’t do anything to prevent the fire from damaging your car. To protect your car from fire, you must be careful and make sure your car is properly maintained. 


Myth 7: Ceramic Coatings are Self-Healing

One of the most common myths about ceramic coatings is that they are self-healing. Ceramic coatings offer benefits, such as protection against scratches and chemical damage, but the self-healing claim is exaggerated. Ceramic coatings are not actually capable of repairing themselves in the same way that our skin can heal minor cuts and scrapes.

That said, ceramic coatings do have some remarkable properties that can help maintain a car’s appearance and protection over time. For example, the ceramic layer can fill in small scratches and imperfections by creating a smoother, more uniform surface. Because of the hydrophobic nature of ceramic coatings, it can help prevent the buildup of contaminants which can reduce the appearance of minor blemishes. However, these are not the same as true self-healing capabilities. 


Myth 8: Ceramic Coating is Expensive

One common misconception about ceramic coatings is that they are very expensive. Ceramic coatings can indeed be costlier than some other paint protection options. But the price is justified by the long-term benefits they provide. Even though the upfront cost of a ceramic coating is higher than a traditional wax or sealant, the protection and longevity it offers make it a worthwhile investment.

The cost of a ceramic coating can vary. It depends on factors like the size of the vehicle, the quality of the product, and the installer. Many detailing shops and coating providers offer financing options or package deals to make ceramic coatings more accessible. 


Myth 9: All Ceramic Coatings are Same

Many people think that all ceramic coatings are equal, but that’s a common misconception. A wide range of ceramic coating products are available on the market. Each of them has its unique formulations, application processes, and performance characteristics. Just like any other product, the quality and effectiveness of ceramic coatings can vary significantly between manufacturers and different product lines from the same brand.

As a vehicle owner, you should do proper research before selecting a service or product. Each ceramic coating has different thickness, hardness, durability, and hydrophobic properties. You should understand the features and benefits of different ceramic coatings. Then you can choose the product that meets your expectations. 


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Wrapping it up

Ceramic coating is a great investment for your vehicle that provides long-lasting protection and shine. By debunking these common myths, it’s clear that even though ceramic coatings offer incredible benefits, they do not make your car invincible. To maximize the benefits of ceramic coating, you will have to regularly maintain it.

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